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16 ounces of Old Amish Dewormer
Only $55.00
Superior all-in-one Parasite Cleanse - no pills to swallow.
4 Ounces Amber Glass Bottle of Old Amish Heart Drops
Only $45.00

4 pack of 16 ounce Old Amish Dewormer
Only $204.00
Superior all-in-one Parasite Cleanse - "No Pills to Swallow".

Robust single frequency Dr. Clark type Pulse Generator in strong black box design.
Only $100.00
A Robust long lasting Dr. Clark type Pulse Generator

Single Roll Dispenser - Acidity/Alkalinity Paper pH Test Kit
Only $11.00

8 ounces of Old Amish Kidney Cleanse
Only $50.00
Superior all-in-one Kidney Cleanse - "No Tea to Brew".

4 pack of 8 ounce Old Amish Kidney Cleanse
Only $184.00
Superior all-in-one Kidney Cleanse - "No Tea to Brew"

One ounce of Oil of Oregano in Glass Eyedropper Bottle
Only $30.00
Old Amish Oil of Oregano (Oreganum Dubium - Linalool type) is of the highest concentration available in the world, is un-diluted and is used for Mouth Hygiene.

Small bottle of LIFE - Nutritional Supplement in dark glass bottle with eyedropper.
Only $30.00
LIFE - Nutritional Supplement is a dilute mixture containing only distilled water and Iodine and Potassium Iodide crystals according to the Dr. Lugol's & Dr. H.R. Clark method.

100 Count Bottle of Old Amish Lower Bowel Balance Capsules in #00 Vegetable Caps
Only $16.95
Superior Lower Bowel Cleanse Formula Capsules.

100 Count Bottle of Old Amish Olive Leaf Powder Capsules in #00 Vegetable Capsules
Only $16.95
Nature's Antibiotic - Effective for Parasites, Viruses, fungi & bacteria.

100 Count of Old Amish Wellness Capsules in #00 Vegetable Caps
Only $16.95
Powerful Vitamin & Mineral, Calcium and Olive Leaf Combination Formula.

100 Count Bottle of Old Amish Herbal Hormone Combination Capsule in #00 Vegetable Caps
Only $22.95
All Natural Formula for Men and Women
For return to wellness try our Old Amish Products: Dewormer, Kidney Cleanse, Lower Bowel Cleanse , pH Test Kit, Oil of Oregano , Lugol's Iodine, Wellness Formula caps, Dr. Clark zapper, , and our other Wellness products & Health Literature.
Coming Soon-Try our Herbal Transdermal Spray for external use on your arms, hands, legs, feet, chest, back, stomach for any skin, flesh, muscle, bone or tendon ache, pain or inflammation, congestion or discomfort. Get quick relief and start herbal healing with our unique herbal combination blend of 40 or more herbs historically used by Dr.Christopher and others for specific body corrective pain relief and healing. All the herbs in this formula are used internally so you can even spray the ear canal and in your mouth and throat for infection or pain. reminds you that Prof. Ehret, Dr. Hay, Dr. Christopher, Dr. Clark and Abe all say: "Eat more Raw Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts, pure water & Green Salads for Wellness.

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Consider using the ACE Wellness Method-by downloading our
Free Health Strategies paper. Also with Pro-biotic ACV Method.
After ACE do a Dr. Hay Healing Fast twice yearly by downloading
Free Dr. Hay Healing Fast paper.

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- Concentrated Oil of Oregano
-Dr. Clark (zapper) type Pulse Generator

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Old Amish Dewormer, is a complete Parasite Cleanse, in an
all-in-one bottle -"No Pills to Swallow" formula. Our
Old Amish Kidney Cleanse, is a complete Kidney Cleanse, in an
all-in-one bottle - "No Tea to Brew" formula.

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Old Amish Dewormer is the ORIGINAL FORMULA Parasite Cleanse,
Old Amish Kidney Cleanse, Lower Bowel Cleanse, Olive Leaf Powder Combination Capsules,
Vitamin/Mineral Wellness Capsules, Herbal Hormone Capsules,
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Concentrated Oil of Oregano,
Heart Drops, Desert Parsley,
Skin, Burn and Wound Healing Slave,
Dr. Clark (Zapper type) Pulse Generator,
Herbal Transdermal Pain/Healing Spray Kit & Refills


Dr. Clark Dual Liver Cleanse Kits,
Personal, Travel & Bug-Out Wellness Kits,
Dr. Clark Healing Protocol Family Wellness Kit,

Old Amish Dewormer has been reported to provide parasite cleansing for Tapeworms, Candida, Flukes, Ascaris Lumbricoides, Fasciolopsis Buskii, Pinworms, Roundworms, tapeworms and many other human body parasites. Select this dewormer for your first choice to begin your health restoration.
Old Amish Lower Bowel Cleanse Capsules
provide a most important function of a thorough cleaning of the intestines and lower bowel, and a return to proper bowel function. The use of this cleansing product compliments the use of the dewormer. Old Amish Kidney Cleanse provides the prescribed Dr. Clark kidney cleansing herbal formulation. The Kidney Cleanse is normally used simultaneously with the Old Amish Dewormer, according to the Dr. Clark healing protocol. Acidity/Alkalinity Paper pH Test Kit allows you to measure the acidity and alkalinity of your body's bio-terrain. Acidity is very detrimental to your health. Your body's immune system performs best at a pH of between 6.5 and 7.5. Olive Leaf Powder Capsules restore health, eliminating human body pathogens, increasing the performance of our immune system and achieving wellness. Herbal Hormone Capsules contain natural food constituents that are needed by both men and women to produce estrogens and hormones naturally. Used by women for menopause.
Wellness Combination Formula Capsules contain a multi-combination formula which contains equal portions of Dr. John R. Christopher's Vitalerb formula, Calcium Formula and Olive Leaf Powder has found great value in the Amish Community for improving the immune system, overall general wellness and in preparing a mother for child-birth. It is also a great addition for all family members, Mom, Dad and the children to provide the nutritional vitamin & mineral supplements, especially Calcium and also provides the healing power of Olive Leaf. This is a very unusual and power packed herbal combination formula. Health Literature Here we will stock the best available health literature which is most in tune with the current best concepts and philosophies conducive to creating health and wellness.

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Dr. Hulda Reghr Clark has often stated, "Disease is caused by Parasites and Pollutants".
Dr. Christopher said, "Disease can be eliminated by Herbal Cleansing and Nourishing"
Dr. William Howard Hay said, "Disease is created by an accumulation of EXCESS ACID"
Prof. A. Ehret said, "Every disease, no matter it's name is localized sluggish circulation".